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limabeans's Journal

The Human Lima Beans
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Welcome to the Human Lima Bean Community
      This community is for all those people out there that have the attention span . . .
        . . . of a lima bean. All are welcome but true human limabeans should join.

Tell us about stories, things that happened to you today, or any other thing that is a "limabean" related thing.

There will be no making fun of other limabeans
Doing so will result in being kicked out of the community.

About the origins of the human limabean community:
      Me (muff1nm4n) and my friend megan from school (she doesn't have an account) pretty much started calling each other limabeans because of our attention span (which can be pretty bad at times). They couldn't figure out what to compare ourselves to until one day someone (don't remember who) thought of using a simple little limabean as a comparison to our "people."