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hey gice... 
12:09pm 24/11/2004
mood: goal!

 Hi, my name is Caroline, i enjoy playing dressup and listening to david bowie (as well as other  music of course)
so can i be a member of your community?Collapse )

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02:59pm 01/09/2004
09:49pm 18/08/2004
mood: hyper
so eyah i havent updated here in forever...come to think of it no one has. wlel just wanted ot say holler! and i still have ADHD! rock on yo! i'll try to get mor epeople ni here....we must grow a larger colony!

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01:31pm 15/09/2003
mood: disappointed
      It's great to know that no one ever writes in here anymore. :(
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The colors jake . . . the colors!!! 
02:29pm 06/08/2003
mood: happy
      Oh, shizit! I just added a distracting background image to the main entries page. So yes my fellow beans, zone out and enjoy!
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speed? hmmm.... 
02:55pm 22/06/2003
mood: blank
i just found out my old adderal is like all pumped up w/ speed. now i understand why so many junkie firneds of mine begged for my medicine. hehe
my shrink told me to take concerta now. hmm...u knwo wat i don't get? when thye give u the precriptions for ur med's they explain the whole "take one pill for aweek......" and its fucking looong as hell! we have ADD god damn it....we're not gonna remember. and they dont tell ur rents..they tell YOU.
so sad.

btw i don't take my pills...i sell it.
tisk tisk eh?
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hi i'm laura and i have A.D.H.........wait..wat? 
08:48pm 06/05/2003
mood: hyper
i have made an amaizing dicovery....a community of ppl....like me! i didn't know there were more of us out there.
::wipes tear of joy::
i'm not alone.
well..even though we take pills and apperantly have the attention span of lime beans (lmao btw), we are actually geniuses....but we just hide it VERY well...so shhhhhh!

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At the beginning, he said "May there be beans!" and it was good. 
11:50pm 25/02/2003
mood: hopeful
      Today is the start of The Human Lima Bean Community. It may start off small, but who knows what this might turn into. God speed!